799+Best Soap Company Names Ideas

Each soap company has a perfect name for its brand and its stand for. There are so many great soap company names to choose from. The line offers natural, wholesome soaps with handmade and all-natural ingredients that nourish the skin.

Creating a list of related names is the first step in the naming process. Try to come up with words that are related to things we all enjoy or require.

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Things that are widely recognized and frequently used as online keywords and business names. Let’s look at some of the unique and most appealing soap names.

5 Letter Soap Names

There are many great ideas for the best soap company name, but the most important thing is to choose a name you like and will be able to stick within the years ahead. A good name will promote you and your company well. A good name should be creative, easy to remember, catchy and unique.

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KenosPneuMaitra’s BytesSpace Montrose
IsiamOrielPop SoapQuay Corporation
VilasWest Coast ShavingRandallsSpetteniske Pro
Golden KissSkin ParadiseIndigo ShopThe Soap Company
Sleepy Time SoapsGreen TouchPosh Pink PeaThe Country Farmwife
Nature HuesGreen Soap Inc.Curls on EighthThimblebugs
Darell & FrancisButthead FarmChlorophyll soapLactic soap
Soap CloudsAmerican Soap SuppliesAloe Vera soapLemongrass Soap
Buff City SoapCalifornia BabyAvocado soapRosemary soap
Verve Soap Co.Floral Soap CompanyLavender SoapDawns Forever
Wild West Soap CompanyEarthy Apple Orchard Soap CompanyThe Love HandLime Aura Liquid Dishwashing Soap
Old Time Soap CompanyMarion W. SmithTobacco RoxyDare de Chateau
Rainforest Soap CompanyShabby Chic Soap CompanyDazzle Liquid Dishwashing SoapHeavenly Expressive Liquid Dishwashing Soap
Sooty SlickedSoapdoScintillitArrowhead Soap
Storm CompanyEuphoria SootheKooling and SoapEndeavor Soap
SoaporyxRay SoapSun Devil SoapAgitator
CompanyorzoSprint August CompanyVenom Company
Softness TopsScented LushCompanyopediaMika Lush
Klein’s SoapKlein’s SoapPurity SoapGolden Poochie
Letter Soap Names
Letter Soap Names
  • PLayFeel Soap Co.
  • Sparkle Smirk
  • Shaped 
  • ThickSuds 
  • ExpensiveSoap 
  • Series Collective 
  • Ample Sudsy 
  • Dead Body Spot 
  • Casa Del Soap 
  • Copious Unique 
  • Bubble Kisses Soaps 
  • Carbon copy Body 
  • Stinging Slurpee 
  • Serenity Soap 
  • Nice Unique Group 
  • The Soapy 
  • Nirvana Soap 
  • Deepseas Suds 
  • Crystal Soaps 
  • Luxbody Soap Co.
  • Soap Opera
  • WaterFlip Soap Co.
  • Nice Froth 
  • The Soluble 
  • Vitreous Dead Body 
  • Beautiful Soap & Co.
  • MoreSoap 
  • Biodegradable 
  • ScentedSuds 

Name Of Soaps

A great soap company name will be catchy and memorable; it will also describe the product well and make it stand out from its competitors. The primary ingredients in “Pneu” are olive oil, coconut oil, and shea butter.

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SoapsyNamporiumVelocity CompanyAdmire Soap
CompanyoramaCompanyellaVanessa SoapAlpha Company
Vivid Pigment SoapGlow Glamor
UralnaftodzestiTempting Acquire SoapPalace Natural Soap
NamlazaSoapprismAir CompanyCommand Company
Yoh! E NghieKelter & WohlfahrtLindo Almond & SheaNamx
Xolocity L.ALax SoapBounce Tease Soap
Ongles Oi SaporierAdoring CompanySoapluxCitadel
Karma Korean PerfumeSneak SnaptuSaloon Spa de ParisPea Mpom
Overdrive SoapFlux Nail EnvyCompanybiaIconic Company
SoapishStorm Adoring SoapAva Soap
Perfume by SaraBlue And White SoapElan Blossom Soap
Synergy SoapLeaping in SpiceVioleta’s SoapEmbrace Company
Rave NamsterFlamingo CompanySoapoont
Hush CompanyAssociation SoapLucent SoapAgitator Soap
CompanytasticInvestor CompanyIdolize Galvanic Soap
Keto-KudzuMy Good SoapCompanyoryxBonita Soap
Paradise Hand & WipeModern CompanyPassage SoapCompanyquipo
Framework SoapThe LavazzaBlueberryBosaCosmic Company
Flamingo CompanyKangalahFlawless CompanySafelogique
Name of Soaps
Name of Soaps
  • Common Soup Co 
  • Soft Spumante 
  • Slippery Spume 
  • The Slippery 
  • The Soap Salon
  • Spume Spot 
  • Bathtime Delight 
  • Soap On A Rope 
  • Syrup Group 
  • Second Spritzer 
  • Suds And Buds 
  • Golden Kiss 
  • Soap Symphony 
  • Sweet Soaper 
  • ForeignBody 
  • BodyHonor Soap
  • The Warm Froth 
  • The Billowy Foam 
  • Soap Trading Co 
  • The Arsenical 
  • Happy Clean 
  • Series Group 
  • WholeBody 
  • Lush Wash 
  • The Superfatted 
  • The More Froth 
  • Beer Group 
  • The Compact Torso 

Soap Company Name Generator

Another great way to get ideas for a brand name is to use a soap company name generator; some of these generators have thousands of combinations.

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These are great for finding a good name, but they are not always an exact match with the actual brand name.

Exemplary Aphrodite Solstice LiceDisrupter
Azraa Pillar CompanyBastion Dame Company
Spotless SoapStack CompanyReign CompanySunflower Fragrance
Gentle SoapExtra CompanyComplete Seductress Company
Everest ScentSpotless CompanyCleanse SoapPalace & Moor
Kohakase & CompanyPassage CompanyMecha SoapA to Z Naira
Stunner CompanyBewitch SoapC&J OdorAttractor Soap
Creamy DropsSoap SoapCardinal SoapConsulting Company
Bash Well CompanyCherish The Foam Co.Ray Soap
Bridal SoapParrotownOasis of ScentDreamy
Mesa Soap CompanyGlobally WashClio CompanyElaine’s Emanations
Bastion CompanyRavish Rita’s Italian SandVital Company
Sleek and LuxuryPolished CompanyPetals & TwigsBlue Mountains Soap
Vanilla PeonyRosewood soapPlumping SoapQuaint Soap
Autumn CompanyArclight SoapDusk CompanyGaia Soap
Soma SootheCore Sugar on SheaOvernight Soap
The Pink House SoapSalon MinisoSalon Bella ItaliMint Stitches
Feminine SoapGrateful & SqualorSleeping DaisySewwellia
Eerie SoapAwaken UnriSpOasisHeather Myers Waxing
Powerhouse Moisturise CompanyFab CompanyEnlivening Company
Soap Company Name Generator
Soap Company Name Generator
  • Heavy Lather Spot 
  • LastingSuds 
  • Melodrama Place 
  • YlangYang
  • bathingBee Soap Co.
  • StrongSoap 
  • The Cool Sudsy 
  • WhiteSuds 
  • Karate Body 
  • JackBerry
  • Soapy Hands 
  • FemaleBody 
  • The Strong Lather 
  • Fresh Nyne
  • Scented Sour Mash 
  • The Lukewarm 
  • Green Series Co 
  • Massage Me Soap 
  • Iridescent 
  • Representative 
  • AntisepticSoap 
  • Soft Sudsy Collective 
  • Skingeniuity 
  • The Excess 
  • HotSuds 
  • Pure Skin 
  • The Lateral Consistency 
  • Cosmix Soap Co.
  • The Alkaline 
  • Royalcastle Soap 

Names For Soap And Candle Business

Bar Soap is one of the most popular types of soap used by millions of people worldwide. Bar soaps contain soap particles in small cylinders, ideal for washing hands.

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The soap bar has different ingredients, contents, and appearance. The main types of soap include white, transparent, and black soaps.

Heather AftonFlatter CompanyMekong SoapGrande Company
Progression Exfoliate SoapYogen SerenityRisque Cakes
Gionee Eco CleanKeebsoapLunomirSheer Company
Plush SoapThai SoapStorm SoapCove
The Lavender BloomsLax Omega SoapProgrammatic Soap
Fission CompanyBelle SoapLustrous CompanyFetching Soap
Synthetic CompanyDiva SoapAugust CompanyFX Soap
Soothe SalonErase CompanyThe Essential SheaRadiant Soap
Amazement CompanyRosewood SuctionCotton SwallowGlow Suede
Ray SoapPure Silk WaxesSmellyGellyElectrifying Soap
Queens CompanyAqua StreamlinedSunny Fragrance
Lava SkogThe Lavazza LavazzaAgitator SoapDulcetown
KelsoapSyndicate SoapScope SoapAperio Soap Bar
Vernal SoapSolar SoapAcuity SoapFortuna Soya
Wicked OdorCrusader SoapBehold CompanyBecome Company
Athena CompanyConsulting Desire Candescent
Luminous Ann and Eddy SootheIntensity SoapDeific
Impeccable Renewing CompanyIntensity Ombre Natural
Petals And PopsAngelic SoapKupfert & KimCleopatra Soap
Arrange Backbone Anthropologie DixCyper Company
Names for Soap and Candle Business
Names for Soap and Candle Business
  • Soft Spritzer 
  • Visual Glow 
  • The Stinging Foam 
  • Scented Shampoo 
  • Brown Series Co 
  • The Nice Lather 
  • BloomSense
  • The Heavenly 
  • Scented Saddle Soap 
  • Antibacterial 
  • SoapySilk
  • Enerlyn Soap Co.
  • Slippery Soap 
  • Dead Body Collective 
  • Made Detergent Place 
  • The Brackish Spume 
  • Sleepy Time Soaps 
  • Corpse Place 
  • Bodied Body 
  • The Commercial 
  • WaterFlirt
  • DishwashingSoap 
  • Skin Paradise 
  • Smelling Suds 
  • Naturale Soap Co.
  • The Clean 
  • Soapsuds Trading Co 
  • Foreign Personify 
  • Lukewarm Froth 
  • Sparkle Suds 
  • Soap Beer Spot 
  • Personify Collective 
  • Soapy Baby 
  • Bubble Blow Soaps 

Names For Soap Bars

Bar Soap is one of the most popular types of soap used by millions of people worldwide. Bar soaps contain soap particles in small cylinders, ideal for washing hands. The soap bar has different ingredients, contents and appearance.

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Aesthetic SoapSplendorous Amaze Grace Soap
Femme CompanyVertex CompanyDivergiePrincess Company
Scrunchy & ChubbyElfin Chanzy CosmeticsVan’s Lavender
Prima SoapMarjorie EwersMesa SoapKnotland Soap
Blossom Fascinating CompanyEnigma CompanyTransition Company
Sweet NurtureParadyne CandlewickGrassroots SoapVista Company
Plush Vivid Altitude Mega Company
Ameli CompanyRefinement Marcy soapDry Squeeze
Citadel Dona Bastion SoapFunk
Erase CompanyGraciousController SoapIlluminate Company
BlazingCalm Xtreme SoapAuswepp
Salon de LaviteSaucy StomperParadise Valley SoapEclipse Company
Vision SoapSouper GelatoHydra Mug Wumpus
Hera CompanyFoxy CompanyWhisewaterAcknowledged
Bite Pinnacle Rhea Mint Sniff
Lotus SoapPurity CompanyEndeavorLuxe Soap
Wicked LotionGentleSphinxMainstay SoapHypnotizing Soap
Gossamer PooftBonjour CompanyGaia CompanyFantas
Derma Passional SoapWarm Integration Soap
Exalted CompanyIdolize SoapRomance CompanyGreen Lotus Soap
Names for Soap Bars
Names for Soap Bars
  • The Ciliary Consistence 
  • Deodorant Soup 
  • Insoluble Series 
  • Pamper Products 
  • Strong Series 
  • Gray Soapsuds Pro 
  • Lovely Touch Soaps 
  • The Billowy 
  • DynaDOts Soap Co.
  • Mommy Body 
  • LimpBody 
  • SolidSoap 
  • Lobe Soap 
  • Surgical Saddle Soap 
  • Germicidal Suds Pro 
  • AquaCrown
  • Permanent Soap Group 
  • ConsiderableBody 
  • Soft Soaps 
  • Sour Soap 
  • Globe Soap 
  • Soapy Spritzer 
  • SuperfattedSoap 
  • Soup Spot 
  • Soaptopia
  • The Insecticidal 
  • SoftBody 

Herbal Soap Name Ideas

The herbal soap name ideas are the most popular soaps globally. Herbal soap ingredients are used in several products, including shampoos, skin products, and household cleaners.

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Herbal bar soaps are a good alternative for people who have sensitive skin and those who prefer natural products.

Inka SqueaksSanford CampbellFoxy SoapBital
Rose Outright Carnations CompanyGlas Charcoal
IsootherapAndara PooiAccentuate CompanyDeific Company
Angelic CompanyFramework Vogue CompanyReactor
Rain D’YaElectrifying Monroe Spicy Sensation
Boca SantoAnn Taylor TheProfuse Irresistible Company
Gorgeous SoapDaubois & SonEnchanting CompanyEagle Soap
L’AngeoteEden’s EnergiesColorist CompanyRomance
Amore SoapAlpha CompanyThe Chime of MopedsQueens Soap
Regenerate SoapIconic SoapExuberant Decision
Pink Plum SoapVital CompanyDulci LaitieLa Sera Vita
Infinite CompanyWire SoapPerformance CompanyBoosts Company
Administrate Azraa SoapHush CompanyAesthetic Company
Lux Soap And SpaEsterAquaSugar Lily LuxuryVice Soap
Sugar Me PinkPacific CompanyFab SoapBeguiling Company
Autumn SoapAngelus ScentSense CompanyCurl Up Chemists
Bay CompanySpire SoapQueens SoapSmashing Soap
Cera SilkyAromatic SeaScented LimeAcquire Company
Allied Wicked SootheBasic SoapCrazy Mosoap
Sally’s BaweelCosmic Lux CompanyAvenge
Herbal Soap Name Ideas
Herbal Soap Name Ideas
  • The Biodegradable 
  • Dynosoap 
  • Pink Spume Pro 
  • Superfatted Syrup 
  • Leftover Lather 
  • The Huge 
  • Glisten Soap Co.
  • The Liquid 
  • The Greasy 
  • UpperBody 
  • UrbanLeaf Soap Co.
  • NatureKiss
  • The Invisible 
  • The Comorbid Spume 
  • Rowdy Body 
  • More Single Co 
  • The Permanent 
  • Solid Soaper 
  • Bubble Up 
  • The Polar Consistency 
  • Personify Group 
  • OwnBody 
  • PuroSkin Soap
  • The Antiseptic Melodrama 
  • Suds Pro 
  • Smelling Foam Pro 
  • CiliaryBody 
  • Soap Mat LLC
  • EleyTint Soap Co.
  • The Gentle Soap 
  • Northern Lights Soap Co.

Vintage Soap Company Names

Many people have been using vintage-style soaps for many years, and they have made it a long time that the name has been associated with such soaps. The most important thing you need to do to create a great Vintage soap company name is to come up with a memorable name that you can use in the future.

Lola MatrixHack SoapBounce Soap
Level CompanyFunk CompanySoft Stunner
Truth SoapSummer SoapDona Bay Soap
Crusader SoapTaking SoapOriginDove Soap
Insight CompanyVisibly CompanyMash SoapBeguile Company
Goo SoapAspasia SoapIncubatorIntegration Company
Intellect Cornerstone CompanyAdele SoapSmashing
Looker SoapStack Automate CompanySerum Company
Lily Vision CompanyClimax SoapRefine
Beacon CompanyDefine Illuminating CompanyLogic
System Marvel CompanyRuby CompanyClinical Company
Hazel Blazing SoapAllurement SoapGracious Soap
Captivating SoapObsessionHydra SoapIntrigue Soap
Ravish CompanyGlobe SoapCosmo Binary
Micro Pure SoapExecutive Incubator Company
Summer SoapForum SoapIntensity SoapDesirable Soap
Honey SoapPicturesque SoapRavish Cosmic Company
Photogenic Quaint SoapEndeavor SoapDefy Soap
Idol SoapWired CompanyAdvanced SoapIntrigue
Force CompanyBinary Violet CompanyFlash Soap
Vintage Soap Company Names
Vintage Soap Company Names
  • SAndyWays
  • WeakSuds 
  • Wet Marshmallow Group 
  • The Comorbid 
  • Dead Body Trading Co 
  • Soft Soapmaking 
  • Silky Suds 
  • Body And Bath 
  • Clean Froth Collective 
  • Paradise Suds 
  • BodyBubblez
  • Sweet Sanitizer 
  • The Mottled 
  • Stinging Single Group 
  • Permanent 
  • MysticalBody 
  • Famously Soap Co.
  • Beauty Plus 
  • BeautyPerk
  • Lavender Love Soap 
  • Corpses Pro 
  • Natures Mumbo Jumbo 
  • Soapy Lather Co 
  • Gentle Froth Collective 
  • SkinMedix Soap Co.
  • The Physical Dead Body 
  • Spume Trading Co 
  • PermanentSuds 
  • Scent Of Soap 
  • The Lavender Suds 
  • Made Series Spot 
  • Kawasaki Body 
  • Blue Lather Group 
  • Eden Soap 
  • Gray Spume 
  • Unique Collective 
  • The Mild Sudsy 
  • Silverglow Soap 
  • Vivascent 
  • PituitaryBody 
  • Skinsoft 
  • The Plain 

Dishwashing liquid Soap Brand Name Ideas

The most important thing you need to do to create a unique dishwashing liquid soap is to develop a good sound that suits the product and can easily be remembered. Dishwashing liquid soaps are more practical than hand soaps, and they make a great addition to any home product.

DataStreamlined SoapEndeavor CompanyDaring
Synergist Hover SoapEnthralling SoapService
Hyper Illuminate SoapAttitude Bar
Flair Adapt CompanySoap CompanyFramework
PassageOptimize Grid CompanyHera Soap
Light CompanyScintillant CompanyDisk SoapOperate
ScarleHydra Enterprise Investor
Artistry SoapInsight CompanyPrincipalDirect Company
Association SoapBound SoapDesirable CompanyTask Soap
Acuity SoapErrorless SoapSimple Virtuoso
Edge SoapDevelop CompanyInstitute CompanyEtherea
Become SoapClimaxFulgent CompanyBridal Company
Consulting CompanyMicro SoapBoho Hot
Looker CompanyAdministrateWorldwide Illuminate Company
Blazing SoapTulip Ayesha CompanyBoot
EnticingBoosts SoapEnviable Bright Company
Nomad SoapVirtual SoapAuthority SoapBuxom Soap
Click CompanyDramatic Cosmic SoapFit Soap
Summer CompanyFramework SoapAnchor Harp Soap
Coverage Elegant Loop CompanyVirtue Company
Dishwashing liquid Soap Brand Name Ideas
Dishwashing liquid Soap Brand Name Ideas
  • Soap Town 
  • NiceSuds 
  • The Pituitary 
  • Glitter Gold Soaps 
  • The Weak 
  • The Making 
  • Robe Soap 
  • The Cheap 
  • The Good Sudsy 
  • The More 
  • Warm Beer Spot 
  • SolubleSoap 
  • Trunk Collective 
  • Whole Corpses Group 
  • Froth Spot 
  • Trunk Pro 
  • WarmBody 
  • Prairie Green Naturals 
  • Homemade Series 
  • The Warm 
  • The Considerable 
  • Lather Luxury 
  • Soap Place 
  • Beer Collective 
  • Supreme Soap 
  • Nature Suds 
  • Soft Touch 
  • Luxurious Lather 
  • The Minute 
  • Independent 
  • DrySuds 
  • Occipital lobe Soap 
  • Indigoglow Soap 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Should I Name My Soap Business?

The first important thing is to pick something memorable. You want something that will stick with people long after leaving your website. You also want to choose a name that is easy to say and recall when people are looking for soap bars or other related products. It’s also important that you do not use any names already in use by another business.

  • Classic Soap Company
  • Lavender and Watermelon Soap Company   
  • Pears Soap Company
  • Suami Handmade Soap Shop
  • Bright Floral Soap
  • Fresh Sunshine Soap Bar

2. Is Soap A Profitable Business?

Yes, it is a profitable business; it’s also ongoing. Soap provides many good things for the skin, and you can produce soaps with your recipes. In addition to selling soap bars, you can also make bath gels, body washes, and hand soaps that smell wonderful.

3. How Do I Brand My Soap Business?

Branding your soap business is as easy as coming up with a name. You need to come up with something memorable; it should be catchy and easy to remember. A good brand name will make people remember your business instead of just the product you offer. A good brand name will also differentiate you from your competitors.

4. What Is The Name Of The Best Soap?

The name of the best soap is the one that suits your needs; it’s also important that you choose something that makes sense for your brand. There are several different soaps, but hand soaps and bath gels are the most common.

  • Cucumber Mint Hand Soap
  • Lavender Moisturising Hand Soap
  • Natural Spa Hand Soap
  • Wild Rosemary Mint Soap
  • Simple Lavender Hand Soap 
  • Coconut Lime Verbena Hand Soap 


If you want to start a soap business, you must do your research. There are several important things you should consider. Your soap business name is one of the most important things in your company, as it will help you gain recognition and make customers remember your brand. When it comes to naming a soap business, there aren’t any hard and fast rules, but there are some recommendations that we’ve discovered to be more effective at raising interest.

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