250+ Mongolian names & Meanings

Just like the rich culture of Mongolians, the names also have auspicious connotations with the essence of good fortune can certainly be the special selection of for your baby. So, don’t sit on the fence! Best company names ideas
Let’s get started the Know the Mongolian Culture even more for the accurate selection of your special munchkin.Mongolian names

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Mongolian names have gone through number of changes in its history.

The meanings of the names have changed with the change in sources. The present-day Mongolia and the Inner Mongolia are geographically different, though the naming customs are same with some visible changes.

Interesting, right?

Now, lets’ roll on our eyes on further list of names. Unique bookkeeping business names

Ancient Mongolian names

A remarkable history can make an impact on the name because it has the enriched culture a nomadic tribe, situated between Russia and China the land has inculcated cultures from both.  So here we are the with best shortlisted Ancient Mongolian names for your first glimpse for the selection:

250+ Mongolian names & Meanings
250+ Mongolian names & Meanings
MöngkeTimurVoluptuous FemaleLost Names
HulaguBoladFemaleocitySmoke Names
KokeQaraFemalejetCut Names
EsenBerkeWrap NamesGuided Female
Toqto’aYisuSombre NamesNamify
SartaqAbishqaNotch MongolianBaron Female
HasiZhenjinGlorious MongolianPart Names
OrusAnandaNomad NamesExpat Names
AsudaiWachirWick MongolianPurist Names
Oghul-qaimishBatumöngkeTopic MongolianCarte Mongolian

Male Mongolian names

Who doesn’t want a sense of positivist in their personality!

Considering the same, we found out that the names used in Mongolian Culture have the basics of propitious things. Like: Also Read: 150+ Elven Names Ideas & Suggestions

  • Mongke means eternity
  • Hulagu means surplus.

That’s not all!

The names of the clans also influenced the names of people. Sartaq were merchants of western Asian or western Central Asian origin, Hasi was the Mongolian form of Tangut Xia dynasty, while Orus was from the Rus. Chinese names like Zhenjin and Sanskrit names like Ananda were the influence of Buddhist monks.

250+ Mongolian names & Meanings
250+ Mongolian names & Meanings
AnkhbayarMongolekhorniiugluuBatbayar – “Strong joy”Divide Mongolian
BilgüünMuunokhoiArban – “A fluent man”Maleomatic
DölgöönNugaiTurgen – “Fast”Factory Male
KhanGansükhNugai – “Dog”Siren Names
JochiTemujinYul – “From the fan horizon”Fresh Male
MönkhOktyabrGantulga – “Steel hearth”Closet Names
OyuunSeseerUlagan- “A worldly man”Alley Mongolian
TsakhiaMartSukh – “One with an axe”Dynasty Male
ElbegdorjMelschoiTarkhan – “He who is skillful”Unlimited Mongolian
IvaanjavMolotovTemujin – “Iron/ Strong”Tasty Male

The people of Mongolia are addressed by their given names.And in modern day Mongolia, the full name consists of the father’s name and then the given name. With the collection of all the interesting facts, we have created a special list of Male Mongolian Names for your quick selection: Attractive party themed names

Mongolian boy names

The names of boys are mainly given on the basis of strength and solidity.

Mongols are very rigid in protecting their ancestral heritage and still practice exogamy. They believe that marriage should not happen within the clan. Family trees were maintained with names recorded within a series of concentric generational rings. Though in 1925, the family tree with clan names was banned calling it an aspect of feudalism.

250+ Mongolian names & Meanings
BatjargalMonkhbatBatzorig – “Strong”Hatchel Names
GanbaatarAltanMunokhoii – “A vicious dog”Namlytical
GantulgaBatuChuulun – “Stone”Stately Male
GanzorigBatsaikhanQara – “Cloudlet”Plains Names
LkhagvasürenBatzorigDzhambul – “Fortress”Bright Male
ChaghataiGanOktai – “Understanding”Minty Names
ChenghizJullianErden – “Treasure”Nest Names
ChuluunboldKhenbishTimur – “Iron”Namx
DzhambulNaranbaatarOch – “Sparkle”Draft Names
ErdenOktaiKhan – “King”Baked Male

Looking For more options?

So if you are focused to inculcate same qualities,here is a list of best shortlisted names of Mongolian boy names to pick the more suitable name for you: Basic construction company slogans

Let’s dig deeper to know things even better for the best choice of names. From the 20th century, Mongolia was under the influence of Russia. Parents who were politically motivated gave their children names from their ideological leaders.

Like Oktyabr from October,

Seseer from USSR.

In a recent development, in the Law on Culture, adopted in April 1996, the legislature decided to revert to the earlier practice of keeping family trees and using clan names, and regulations for this were issued in January 1997.

Clan names are now recorded on identity cards and other official documents but otherwise are little used. Thus, Mongolian citizens have three names: a clan name; a patronymic (etsgiinner), which is based on the father’s given name; and a given name (ner).

Mongolian female names

Following this rule the names of female child are given too.

Some were super enthusiastic like Melschoi, a combination of names of Marx, Engles, Lenin, Stalin, and Choibalsan. Sometimes it was of mixed ones like Russian Ivan and the Tibetan Java.  While keeping facts intact, now let’s move ahead for further selections!

250+ Mongolian names & Meanings
250+ Mongolian names & Meanings
Chimeg – “Ornament”Hitch FemaleJacquard Mongolian
Gan – “The bold one”Palate NamesNamporiumFemaleops
Sarnai- “Rose”Baron MongolianCrooks NamesCave Mongolian
Chaga’an – “White”Alluring NamesNamwindStylish Female
Yisu – “Nine”Expat FemaleMisguided MongolianZest Names
Ila – “Earth”Factory NamesRenown FemaleClick Mongolian
Gerel – “Light”Saint NamesCorner MongolianAlpine Mongolian
Tuya – “Ray of light”Wayfarer MongolianSaint FemaleApplique Names
Bayarmaa – “Mother of joy”Nip FemaleNambeaAbundance Female
Oriana – “Gold”Curvaceous FemaleAirborne MongolianEverest Names

Mongolian girl names

Girls are already a beautiful creation of God and a beauty in the name double the charm. Isn’t it? So, before you move ahead for the selection, here is a fact check! Khulan was the name of the wife of Genghis Khan. Still, now it is popular. Mongolians do go for very short names. Like Och meaning spark, Od is the star, Az – luck.

250+ Mongolian names & Meanings
250+ Mongolian names & Meanings Cute snapchat username ideas

Do You know?

GankhuyagiinMongoliansyShepherd MongolianSun Surnames
MonkhbatiinMeadow MongolianFair MongolianFields Surnames
YamgajiinPlots MongolianSoil MongolianSurnamistic
NamjiliinStock SurnamesShade MongolianTerrain Surnames
EnkhbatiinMongolianoontFarmers SurnamesCreate Mongolian
PyambujiinCountry SurnamesGranular MongolianGraze Surnames
GanboldiinMongolianifyLandscape SurnamesMongolianx
SambujiinChop MongolianSurnamcogGrowth Mongolian
MijjiddorjiinTerrain MongolianHay MongolianMongolianish

In case of giving name to a girl child, names meaning beauty are taken into consideration. People treat themselves to be lucky to have been blessed with the birth of a child, may it be a boy or a girl. Well, after knowing this fact , a quick check on the below best list Mongolian girl names can worth your time and efforts:

Mongolian baby names

The relatives gather and prepare meals, desserts, and refreshments. The father of the newborn gives a Khadag, a colorful silk scarf to the elders and ask them to consider a name, keeping in mind various factors

250+ Mongolian names & Meanings
Baterdene – “FIrm jewel”Sin FemaleMongolianworksFemalery
Tsetsegmaa – “Flower”Galaxy FemaleBueno FemaleVogue Mongolian
Julian – “Flower”FemaleishLoose MongolianNamara
Ogtbish – “Mongolian word for chrysanthemum flower”Madras FemaleSlay NamesMongoliangenix
Naimanzoo – “Precious flower”Balaclava MongolianBackpack FemaleDivine Female
Odtsetseg – “Starlight”Fiesta MongolianAction FemaleReservation Mongolian
Tsetseg – “Flower”NamegyPass MongolianDandy Female
Batjardal – “Constant happiness”Part FemaleFigure NamesBro Female
Qacha – “Flank”Supply MongolianFemaleioStately Mongolian
Odgerel – “Starlight”Vacay FemaleSwank FemaleWagon Female

An ability to give birth is a blessing. And Mongolians understand the celebration really well. And so, the spirit of gorgeousness has listed below to name your baby:

Mongolian surnames

Unlike the western world, Mongols don’t use surnames in that order. Hence, we have got the descriptive names treated as surnames:

BatbayarSpread MongolianRoyal MongolianStockman Surnames
UuganbayarOrder MongolianJuniper MongolianSurnamopolis
GanboldRange SurnamesOrganic MongolianRoot Surnames
SharavBreeder MongolianMongolianlyMongolianzen
DorjSurnamryReturn SurnamesPosh Male
ZorigtMongoliangenixMongolianvioMidnight Names
NaranbaatanMongolianfluentRanch SurnamesBent Mongolian
PurevjavDeep SurnamesCowboy MongolianSkypass Mongolian
JambaHeritage SurnamesSeed SurnamesOdyssey Male
250+ Mongolian names & Meanings

Some more last names

Skip FemaleFlip MongolianCrave MongolianBarebone Male
Snazzy MongolianMongolianocitySkyway NamesMongolianopolis
Vagabond NamesDefinite MongolianGrub MongolianStreet Mongolian
Aristocrat NamesFlame NamesSpike NamesFaille Names
FemalesterSway NamesSway MongolianMalewind
Order NamesAvid MongolianWick NamesChef Male
Breakaway MongolianCruise NamesDon MaleDive Names
Skip NamesMongolianellaRitzy MaleStitch Male
Illusion MongolianPaths NamesSumo NamesDude Mongolian
Break NamesEverest MaleAllegiance MongolianFlavor Male


An old Mongolian saying goes like this:  “Our ancestor teaches us that people can’t refuse a given name, but names can refuse people”.  So, sticking with saying can simply narrow down your choice for the best selection. Choose the best because names are simply special.

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