How to Write a Brand Name in an Essay

So many things you write in essays have to be formatted in a certain way. Do you want to quote someone? Find out what academic style you’re writing in and find guidelines on how to format citations and include them in the References list. Do you want to mention a brand name? Find out if and how you need to write it to avoid losing points.

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Some teachers and professors are extra strict when it comes to formatting. Every word is checked, so you need to:

  • Know exactly what academic style you have to use for the paper;
  • How it treats brand names;
  • It’s never late to get writing help at an essay service like if you need professional assistance at an affordable cost.

In this guide, we’ll overview the main rules of writing brand names in an essay, helping you get those extra points for proper formatting.

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Which Style of Writing Should I Follow?

Usually, you will have to follow either the APA (American Psychology Association) or the MLA (Modern Language Association) style. We’ll focus on the APA style here as it’s most often used in papers on business and social science-related topics. MLA is mostly used for papers on art and humanities topics.

There are other styles you may need to use from professional paper writers at PaperWriter if your theme is from another field. However, there might be a need to mention a brand name there as well. We’ll review all the possibilities and find out how to handle those company names in an academic paper.

Referencing a Company in APA Style

There are two ways you can choose from to reference a brand name in the APA-formatted paper: Popular dance studio names

  • Simply writing the name.
    You can simply write the company’s name when referencing the results of its research or the words of its representatives. For example: “According to NASA, …”. There’s no need to write the full name of the company in the paper, but you can use it later on the References page or special notes.
  • Parentheses.
    If the name of the company is long or you want to include a citation without the “According to/As to/etc.”, you can simply put the name in parentheses after the citation.

Referencing a Company in Other Formats

While APA makes it seem very easy, there are other styles that might confuse the matter a little: Tasty tiki bar names

  • AP (American Press style).
    Mostly used for journalistic papers, this style isn’t filled with requirements when it comes to mentioning a company name. You don’t even need to write the full name every time you mention the brand. For example, if talking about United Airlines, you can use the full name or just United if mentioning it for the second time and further.
  • MLA.
    This style requires you to mention the full name of the brand every time you write about it. If it’s abbreviated (like NASA), you don’t have to write the full name all the time. But there’s no chance of a short name use like in the AP style. That being said, MLA accepts omitting Corp., Inc., and similar parts.

Acronyms and Capitalizations

Due to the variety of brand names, there might be disputes as to when to use the whole name, when you can shorten it, when to capitalize, etc. There are several rules you can follow to avoid confusion:

  • If the company usually references itself using an acronym, use it without hesitation;
  • You can capitalize the whole name only if every letter is pronounced (NYU, UFC, etc.);
  • If the brand capitalizes all letters in its name but they are read like a word (IKEA, for instance), you have to capitalize only the first letter. iPhone, GoPro, and other similar names should remain with the initial capitalization;
  • AMA (American Medical Association) required the usage of Ltd. and similar additions but without a period in the end. MLA, as we’ve already stated, allows omitting it at all.

Always check the requirements of the style you have to write in before mentioning a brand name. Go online and find the full name of the company and direct yourself using your APA, MLA, AMA, AP, or another style manual. Know the rules for defense!

Useful Tips and Tricks on Using Brand Names in Papers

Here are some recommendations:

  • Keep in mind how the brand uses its name. For example, Twitter is capitalized in text, while the logo contains a lower-case t;
  • See if the name of the company distorts the sentence. If the name has a punctuation mark (Which?, him!, etc.), mind its placement;
  • If needed, include explanations;
  • If possible, contact the company to find out what version of the name you can use;
  • Don’t shout at your readers with lots of capitalized acronyms in one sentence. Either distribute the names evenly or use another version of the name.


When you get deeper into the topic of using brand names in an academic paper, the topic becomes very confusing. Keep in mind the level of your paper. If it’s a small essay you have to write for a grade, there’s no need to contact the companies and follow strict rules, writing GIGABYTE instead of a more silent Gigabyte several times in one sentence. 

However, if you’re writing an article for a university journal, things like company names should be written according to all the rules and formatted properly.

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