Dressing up can be one of the most hectic or an enjoyable part of the day. It all depends upon what type of clothes you have stocked in your wardrobe and what occasion is due. The kind of clothing you choose has a lot to do with the shape of your body, height, and skin shade. But wouldn’t it be easy to own some clothing that anyone can put on with the guarantee that you will look fabulous? This article will help you unearth some trendy and bold clothing choices that will look good on women of every shape, size, and color.

Sheath Dress

A sheath dress is a fitted straight dress with no seam at the waistline. It flares a little at the hips, which makes it look good on everyone. As these dresses hug your curves, the fabric does not stretch too much. It isn’t tight clothing, as the material allows you to breathe, so they are lightweight and comfortable to wear. Modern sheath dresses come with a slit at the hem that allows better movement. You can get these dresses with a V or boat neck, with or without sleeves.

Short Tops

One of the most diverse and elegant designs you can own in clothing is short tops. The best part is that they go with almost every type of bottom. You can find the perfect matching jeans, flared pants, skirts, shorts, mini-skirts, and even ethnic dressing. 

Some short tops include wrap shirts, off the shoulder, spaghetti straps, and printed button-ups.

High Waisted Pants

High waist pants are one of the all-seasonal fashion trends that are unlikely to go out of fashion. On top of that, it is the type of fit that flatters all kinds of women. There is a reason that high waisted pants for women have been in fashion since the 1980s. You can easily choose the most suitable raise for your height and size. Mid to high rise suits petite women, high rise to tall women, and so on. If you are curvy, comfortable, stretchable material will be best for you. No matter which you consider to buy, look out for pocket placement. If the pocket placement is not natural, it will make the pants look unflattering on you. Experiment with a skinny, straight fit or boyfriend jeans fit to find the perfect look for yourself.

Leather Jackets

Leather Jackets are every lady’s essential. Whether you pair it with a flowing floral dress or throw it on top of jeans, it pairs well. A leather jacket is a timeless article of clothing that you will enjoy for years. If you invest in a good quality leather jacket, it will last you years. You can easily fit it into casual or formal wear. It is always good to add a little edge to your outfit.


A well-tailored blazer can do wonders in turning your outfit a bit more formal. Layering is an essential method to make your ensemble look expensive and well put. But excessive layering can also turn your outfit from a hit to a miss. Blazers, on the other hand, can give a chic look with fewer layers. The difficulty lies in finding the right blazer for your shape and size. While length, color, and everything else does matter, don’t forget to keep in mind the shoulder size. If the shoulder is too big or small, drop it. That is an adjustment even the tailor can’t make.

Pencil Skirts

Whether it is a night out with your girlfriends or a business meeting, pencil skirts are always the answer. They can flatter any woman’s figure regardless of shape and size. You can also improve the look with the choice of funky accessories. Pairing a pencil skirt with a T-shirt will dress it down, while a button-up or cold shoulder can dress them up. They accentuate your curves and height too.

Midi Dress

Midi dresses have hit the trend-rail once again. With the modern trends of soft looks that accentuate feminine beauty, midi skirts have made a comeback. You might have seen the famous strawberry midi dress all over the internet. Whether you have dinner with your parents or a date night dinner, these dresses will bring out your delicate features and make you appear charming and feminine.  


While trends change with time, what doesn’t change is the need to look elegant and beautiful. These clothing articles aim to accentuate natural features and look appropriate in almost all situations. They suit women of every size, height, shape, and color. This list of must-have clothing items will make you appear bold and beautiful. But the trick no one tells is that you can dress up any clothing with your choice of accessories. Once you have the perfect ensemble, all you need is confidence and a smile to carry yourself.



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