Dental Filling Procedures in Chatswood

Dental health care, especially for a damaged tooth, can be painful. Based on the damage caused, different dental procedures are conducted, like dental fillings, to rectify them, which can be time-consuming, expensive and sometimes painful. Thus, it is essential to have a team of committed dental healthcare professionals who can listen to the specific issues that one experiences, understand the concerns, explain the necessary treatment, and help in recovery. This service is provided by the best dentist in Chatswood, where the patient experiences comfortable care.

What Are Dental Fillings?

Decayed or damaged teeth that have cavities are restored to their usual appearance and function through dental fillings. They are the go-to procedures used to treat general cavities, as they are non-invasive. Before the damaged teeth are fitted with the filling, the dentist usually treats and cleans the tooth and the entire affected area. After this, the decayed tooth is filled with a composite material to restore it to its original form.

When Does One Get a Dental Filling? 

Tooth decay is a complex experience with extreme sensitivity and pain, or sometimes, no sensitivity at all. Usually, tooth decay is discovered through x-rays or check-ups. But, if the tooth decay is severe, it shows on the surface of the tooth with a hole in the enamel. One of the best ways to stay on top of dental health is to visit a clinic or a reputed dentist in Chatswood to catch signs of cavities or decay early on. If the cavity is left untreated for too long, the damage in the tooth can result in a long-term injury to the nerves connecting them. It would cause immense distress and pain, which could only be treated by conducting a root canal. 

What Are the Types of Dental Fillings Available?

There are different types of dental fillings available, and the doctor helps determine which is the best fit for the one who is getting it done. This decision is made based on the severity of the damage, any allergies present, and where the dental filling is done. Some of the most common materials used in dental fillings include:

1) Silver Amalgam

Silver amalgam dental filling is made of metal, and it is one of the most traditionally used dental filling materials. It has been known for its strength, resistance and longevity. However, there are issues where the patients experience the filling to expand and crack, resulting in fractures or splits in the neighbouring teeth. It is why its popularity is declining over recent years.

2) Ceramic and Porcelain

Ceramic and Porcelain are two of the sturdiest dental fillings available that are stain-resistant and highly long-lasting. The process involves taking the impressions of one’s tooth and sending it to a lab so that the filling can be shaped correctly to fit the patient. The filling is then inserted and connected with the tooth to repair the form.

3) Composite Resins  

Composite resins, also known as ‘white fillings’, is the most popular choice for dental fillings due to their ability to evolve and refine. It is an excellent choice for a dental filling procedure as it can match the colour of the tooth being replaced. It is also a durable and robust material and is expected to withstand an average of about 5-7 years of use when maintained well.

Those who are experiencing symptoms of tooth decay or cavity and are living around that area must act quickly and contact a dentist in Chatswood and book an appointment at the earliest. 

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